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David J. Henderson McCartney

Born 1969 - Paris, I am a French/British Remote Sensing specialist, software designer, self-made-engineer and a writer. I was co-founder in InterAtlas a 3D aerial survey company that was purchased by Imao a european leader in aerial data acquisition in 2012.

Scottish through my father (publisher), Swedish through my late mother (artist), I grew up in Paris (France) where I was born.

Very young I learned to program with a New Brain computer and photography with a Nikon FM1, dyslexic I was frustrated in my studies that I stopped in high school.

When I reached 19 years of age I volunteered to serve in the french army as a paratrooper, I worked afterwards in the security business for a few years.

I was educated in GIS and image analysis at Lovel Johns (UK), and in the Gobelins school (FR) of applied arts, print and digital media.

In 1996 with the help of my father I worked with Geo-Information (UK) an inovating publishing company who created off-the-shelf orthophotos of London, Berlin and Paris, I was responsable for the French market.

In 1997, Michel Somoguy and myself have founded InterAtlas to develop the off-the-shelf orthophotos market in France as a publisher.

From 2000 to 2005, Thierry Ruiz, Michel Somoguy and myself created a web-GIS technology offering online GIS tools and very quick acces to orthphotos.

In 2007 InterAtlas started oblique aerial acquisition, creating it's own system with a local/web viewer. InterAtlas was a leading company in 3D aerial survey and used Acute3D multi-view dense 3D reconstruction technology to create 3D cities.

Paris in 3D

During all these years and up to now I have been in charge of R&D, production and strategical developement.

Career planning
Photogrammetry - Director

I have worked for 25 years in aerial survey and 3D mapping with InterAtlas, today I'm the director of KGI (Khmer Geographic Institute), Photogrammetry - 3D - Orthophotos and Aerial Data Acquisition...

KGI is a photogrammetry company based in Cambodia
Khmer Geographic Institute

Self-Made-Engineer - Remote Sensing & Photogrammetric specialist

Self educated in software design and remote sensing/photogrammetry

Fluent in French, English and Swedish, basic Khmer understanding
2010 : PPL - SEP
1996 : The Gobelins school (FR) of applied arts, print and digital media
1995 : Lovel Johns (UK), GIS training
1989 : French paratrooper (Master corporal drill instructor)
1988 : European driving license, for cars and motor-bikes
1988 : French high-school level


Manangement ///
- Business development, marketing
- LBS strategy & market development
- Team and client Management
- Flight plan, pilot & ATC management
- Estimation and costing of project

R&D ///
- Conceptualisation & algorithms
- Ai & Deep Learning
- Hardwar : image sensor, gps
- software : photogrammetry

Photogrammetry /// nadir & oblique
- Digital aerotriangulation - bundle block adjustment
- Automatic DTM/DEM extraction
- Radiometry adjustment
- Orthophoto generation and mosaicing
- Ortho3D : PMVS - MetaShape - Smart3DCapture - SURE - Inpho 3DX

Design ///
- Conceptualisation & creation
- Page layout, Digital Printing

Programming language ///
- C, Objective-C, VC++, VB, C#, Xojo, PostScript
- Python, Html 5, CCS 3, JavaScript, SQL
- Solidity

GIS ///
- Qgis

Photogrammetry - Quantum physics - AI - History - Bitcoin

Inovation and creation are my insperations ! I like art, new technologies, photography and my work.

Self-made-man I learn every day and I focus on trying to become a better person. Christian by birth I'm more and more influenced by buddhism and quantum physics.

I like running, body training, boxing, flying, sport shooting, reading and traveling…
Khmer Geographic Institute - KGI

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David J. henderson McCartney
Phnom Penh - Cambodia
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